Sorry to see you go?


   Its extremely disappointing to see you go. Please let us know why you have uninstalled the extension in the below comments, so that we could improve ourselves. If you uninstalled the extension by mistake you could re-install it here 

Whats Next?

This is the question which will be popped on everyones mind on many stages of life. I am thinking about building an application which could be used by tens of thousands of people everyday.

After a long thinking I am going build a Instagram photo/video downloader tool. Which is both a web application supported with chrome/firefox addon to simplify things for the user.

Also one another thing i use these days is a password generator tool. Since there are lots of people signup for a webpage which they won't even use for the second time, and many websites getting hacked. Input a random password is a much better way. So soon i will be building one of those. the same as the pervious one. But most of this one focus would be on firefox and chrome extension.

If you think i need to build some other things please let me know in the comment box. Happy Reading.

Features of Download thumbnail extension.

You don't need to copy the url and paste it in some other website to download the thumbnails of the video you would like.

Just head towards the youtube/Vimeo video you would like to download on its respective websites and in the youtube video page you could see the Download image button as seen in the below image.
Once you click on the download thumbnails button you would be taken to a website giving you the options to download thumbnails of different sizes. Thats it. No need to copy and paste urls.

For vimeo its slightly different on the click on the extension once you see the video you want to download and click the download button in it
 Thats it. Happy downloading. Thanks. If you need any clarification comment below.

Important changes related to URL shortener Chrome Extension/Firefox addon.

Hi All!!
 I hope that the URL shortener chrome extension/Firefox addon is helping you. As many of you know that Google URL shortener is stopping its services by next year. 
In the upcoming update we will be changing to another URL service a simple and feature rich service.

We considered moving to but its being a costlier one and it has very low rate limits.
So we thought it is better to switch to service.

I you know some other service as reliable as others please let us know your suggestions.

I you want to help us by paying some bills please consider donation in the below link

Thanks for using the extension.

How to download Youtube, Vimeo video thumbnails?

There are bunch of tools available to download thumbnails of youtube, vimeo sites which you could use for various purposes.
The favourite tool I use most of the time is 

Just head on to the site using above link. It could be some thing like this
Sample Webpage Image

Just paste the url in the input box and just click the Download Thumbnail Images button thats it. It will fetch for you all kinds of thumbnails of various sizes like this
Various download options.

As you can see in the above image you could download images of various size quality. If you are frequent user of downloading thumbnails there are chrome extension and firefox addon  which will help you. Using chrome extension is simple you just need to head over to the youtube video you need to download and click the extension, thats it it will take you to the above download page.

Given an array arr[] of n integers, construct a Product Array prod[] (of same size) such that prod[i] is equal to the product of all the elements of arr[] except arr[i]. Example : arr[] = {1,2,3,4,5} prod[] = {120, 60, 40, 30, 24 }

This one would be done using calculating the product of all numbers in an array and then dividing the current element value. Since it could also be done using log and exp without using any divide operation.

var product = input => {
let sum = input.reduce((acc, cval) => {
return acc + Math.log(cval);
}, 0);
let result = => {
return Math.round(Math.exp(sum - Math.log(x)));
product([1, 2, 3, 4, 5]);

If you know other way of solving this problem of O(n). Please discuss in comments section.

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