Features of URL Shortener Extension.

Feature list of url shortener extension.:

1. We care about your privacy, We don't ask for browser history permission. We just ask for Clipboard copy and paste permission to copy and paste the values to your clipboard.
2. Just click the extension you will get shortened url of the current page. Click copy button to copy the shortened url value.

 3. Paste the url you have copied from mail or from the chat your friend send to you through facebook or slack and shorten it.

4. Get history of shortened links so far and its analytics values by History/Analytics button.                   
5. Just right click on a link to shortern the URL and get copied to the clipboard.                                     

If you have any feature request please update in this link

 You can even donate here in the link DonateDonate . It would help me in paying bills for this and some other projects.

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